NHNN organizes seminars for classical homeopaths concerning the following areas of interest:

– materia medica (polychrests and ‘newer’ remedies )
– new developments
– working with systems thinking (plants-, animals-, minerals-classification) etc.

Book seminar with the button Book Seminar in the menu above.

If you don’t succeed mail us: nhnnseminars@gmail.com


Special offers NHNN


NHNN likes to offer her participants as much as possible. Hence our special offers.

– Student discount. Students will get up to 40% discount on seminar days.

– During the seminar Wondrous Plants of Michal Yakir you will receive discount on her books, her Table of Plant Systhematics etc. 


Accreditation and location


Of the mentioned refresher courses in 2014 have been accredited by the NVKH : Resie Moonen

All refresher courses have been accredited by the VHAN/AVIG as a PN (Practice Based Refresher Course).

Location: Fletcher Hotel Steenwijk

The starting-time is every day at 10.00 o’clock and finishes at 17.00 o’clock.




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