Michal Yakir

Dr. Michal Yakir is a classical homeopath, teacher and editor for the IACH. She gives seminars across the globe and her book: “The Systematic Table of Plants – Wondrous Order” will be published at the end of 2013.

Michal has developed the ’systematic table of plants’ during her 20-year career as a homeopath. Also because of her own knowledge of plant biology, ecology, psychology and Kabbala (Jewish religious philosophical system) she became intrigued by the homeopathic approach of nature. The plant kingdom in particular.


In the past she was chairwoman of the Israeli Society for Homeopathy. She is specialized in health complaints which are related to women and in addition she has acquired a doctorate (with the cooperation of G. Vithoulkas) at the ‘Jerusalem University’ on the effects of homeopathic treatment for PMS.


“I have had an opportunity to learn from Michal Yakir her novel understanding of plants from development point of view. It makes a lot of sense to me and has changed my outlook towards plants. I am using her ideas in my practice with excellent results. She has made the plant kingdom very understandable by her simple yet deep understanding of them based on the concept of evolution of plants. It is indeed a very fascinating and a practical work. It gives an additional dimension to our understanding of known plants and helps us prescribe some yet unknown plants with confidence. It is a very extensive work that can help us prescribe more efficiently in our daily homoeopathic practice. It compliments all that we know about plants from other teachers like Sankaran and Scholten. I would recommend every serious homoeopath to learn it as it will prove to be a useful tool in helping us help our patients.”  Dr. Mahesh Gandhi

“Over the last fifteen years Michal Yakir has created an exciting and complete model of the plant kingdom based on evolutionary stages as related to homoeopathy. Being both a botanist and an experienced teacher of homoeopathy her system is by far the most sophisticated and precise method developed so far. This seminar is a must for any homoeopath interested in learning to use the plant remedies. Highly recommended!“  Jeremy Sherr

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