Table of plants, explanation by Michal Yakir

Table of plants – Wondrous Order

Michal Yakir PhD, RCHom,

About the Table of Plants

Just as we use the concepts of mineral order and its relation to human pathology, we can use the botanical systematics evolutional order to construct an order in our Materia medica plants remedies.

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Plants are the source of nature’s ability to evolve and develop, and as such can describe human development and assist its progress. Once we assemble every family in the homeopathic Materia Medica – “as if one remedy”, and project it onto the botanical evolutional axes, then, by interpreting it according to its location in the table – the Materia Medica`s full implication is revealed: like a book that its pages put in order, and a whole story can be read, Like the alphabet acquired meaning when arranged by the spoken word order – so does the Materia Medica, when read according to the developmental order of the plant kingdom, gets more extensive meaning. Not only does it parallel stages of human development and Ego construction, it reveals a continuous historical record of mankind evolution and progress.

The Table refers to the challenges and obstacles met during the developmental journey of the Ego from birth to old age, from a primal stage of union and oneness, to an advanced stage of individuality, while learning and absorbing the lessons of the feminine and the masculine elements. The table columns describe individuation stages while the rows form maturation levels in the column. This provides physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual content to each family of plants, whereas a single remedy describes only certain variations of the family themes.  Every column and row has its identifying themes, and every Order and family in it has also a more specific themes. All very clear once the basic motion of the table is understood.

The Plant Table is a very practical tool as it explains the traits of groups of plants, of small remedies and of new proving. Cases can be better understood by viewing it thru the table, and the homeopathic prescription improved. In the next 2 days seminar we will delve into the depths of the table, and by aid of some cases learn of the table basic properties, of the main themes in every column and row, and of some specific Families and Orders (Magnoliales, Nymphaeales and more) – and how to use it in our daily practice.


                                                                            Michal Yakir PhD


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