Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell is a classical homeopath for decades. He has been teaching in over 10 countries since 1990.

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In 2001, Peter went to Africa to treat people with AIDS through homeopathy. However, a classical homeopathic consult of one and a half hour, is not a great way to treat great groups of people. Eventually he developed a resonance remedy against Aids: PC 1. The results of which were so good that since then he tutored many health workers, social workers, etc. to work with the remedies. Meanwhile he has developed 300 remedies.

Click here for PC remedies

Click here for info on the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation for which Peter and Harry work.

       Peter developed a program with Audio-resonances, the Natural Bhudda program. This is a very profound program for breaking through old patterns. You can read more in an article of Frans Vermeulen in the Frontier magazine about PPD’s (Personal Potential Downloads).

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