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Michal Yakir comes to Holland again.

 Thursday 11 th of december 2014 she gives a brief introduction to her Wondrous Plant method.

This is an update for students of her lecture last year for NHNN or an introduction for those who do not know her method yet.


– Botany
– Table of Plants
– The order, colums and rows, Human development and development of ego
– plant families (very briefly)
– Cases


Friday the 12 th and saturday the 13th of december is her advanced seminar


– first and second column
– Most plantfamilies in depth
– Cases

Michal will delve into the Materia Medica of almost every plant Family, learn the themes of every plant Order in the 1st and 2nd column, (Nymphaeales, Piperales, Aristolochiales, Ranunculales, Opiales, the palms families and the Arales,

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