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NHNN is an institute for refresher courses for classical homeopaths. It is the continuation of the Work Group of Clemens von Boeninghausen.

Clemens Maria Franz, Baron Clemens von Boeninghausen(1785-1864)

Clemens Maria Franz, Baron Clemens von Boeninghausen<br />(1785-1864)

Clemens von Boeninghausen was a baron, born in Overijssel. He was a jurist, who later became a famous homeopath when he lived in Germany.

The work group consisted of homeopaths from the North of The Netherlands: Harry v/d Zee, Jean Pierre Jansen, Rob Peters, Corrie Hiwat en Deborah Collins.

One of the targets of this group was the cooperation between homeopaths and non-doctor-homeopaths so that confidence in each other would be developed. All this to establish a good working relationship. Von Boeninghausen himself was an example. Being a jurist and non-doctor-homeopaths he worked together with numerous doctors-homeopaths.

The work Group started to give refresher courses in the Postiljon Hotel in Haren in 1991. Marina van Haalen had the responsibility for the organization and the secretariat. A Group of students who were pleased with good refresher courses within the area came into existence. The founders of the refresher courses handed it over to Manou Romeijn in 1998, who kept organizing the courses, which now went under the name of NHNN, until October 2012.

After that she asked Frans van Rooijen to continue the NHNN. In order to make the seminars more accessible for more homeopaths he relocated the refresher courses to Steenwijk.

There has been a selection of tutors over the years who gave refresher courses for the NHNN such as: Harry v/d Zee, Jean Pierre Jansen, Rob Peters, Corrie Hiwat, Enna Stallinga, Yvonne Pernet, Fons van den Berghe, Arjen Pasma, Egbert van Wijk, Resie Moonen, Annet Sneevliet, Pieter Kuiper, Janita Venema, Wim Roukema, Alphons Geukens, Jos van Kooten, Jan Roxs, Liesbeth Ellinger, Rienk Stuut, Alize Timmerman, Roger van Zandvoort, Kees Dam and Yvonne Lassauw.

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