Harry van der Zee

Harry van der Zee is a homeopathic physician. He has had a practice for homeopathy in Haren, Groningen since 1987.

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He has tutored over the entire world. Harry is the general editor for Homeopathic Links, the international trade journal for classical homeopaths. Together with Corrie Hiwat he went to Africa in 2004 to look at the results of Peter Chappell’s treatment for people who were contaminated with HIV/Aids. The stories of dozens of people convinced him of the effect of the PC remedies. He started working for the ARHF foundation to cure people on a large scale with PC remedies. Eventually he stopped his practice. He is currently general editor of Homeopathic Links, publisher of books about classical homeopathy through publishers of Links and he is working for the ARHF.

Harry is one of the founders of the Clemens van Boeninghausen Group. A work group of homeopaths which organizes refresher courses in Haren, Groningen. The NHNN is the continuation.

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