Advanced seminar Table of Plants Wondrous order by Michal Yakir

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Holland 1st advanced Seminar with Michal Yakir

A 2 days seminar on “The table of plants – wondrous order”: advanced seminar: Family by family, Orders by Order themes, illustrated with many cases and ready for practical use

December 12th – 13th 2014

2 days advanced seminar

 12- 13th 2014, in Holland.  The seminar will be held in English

+ 1 day introductory course will take place

on the December 11th



The advanced seminar of the table of plants (12-13 December), will present the botanical logic behind the table of plant, with details of the 2 first columns, illustrating its practise with many cases, through which we will understand every remedy in the column and how to apply it. 

We will delve into the Materia Medica of almost every plant Family, learn the themes of every plant Order in the 1st and 2nd column, (Nymphaeales, Piperales, Aristolochiales, Ranunculales, Opiales, the palms families and the Arales, and more- as time permits) and go over the practical side of the table of plants. How to apply the table themes to cases.



FOR BEGINNERS: one day Introductory seminar: 11 december 2014


Seminar times:

Thursday 11 december 2014: introduction for beginners
Friday 12 december 2014: 10.00 am – 13 pm and 14 pm – 17 pm (incl. coffee/tea breaks)
Saturday 13 december 2014: 10.00 am – 13 pm and 14 pm – 17 pm (incl. coffee/tea breaks)

Hosted BY: Frans van Rooijen, from NHNN

Fletcher Hotel, Steenwijk, Holland


 For registration and further information:


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